Toms River Intermediate South Additional Tassels


  • 9″ Tassel Construction
  • 7.0″ Hang Loop
  • Free Moving Year Charm
  • Gold Plated Zinc Signet
  • Gold Plated Clasp
  • Year Charm Measures 1.30″
  • Colors: Royal/White
  • The Student Package includes 1 tassel. ($7.50)
  • The Parent Package includes 3 tassels. ($15.00)


Our tassels consist of a 9.00” tassel construction, with a 7.00” hang loop. Each tassel comes complete with a gold plated clasp and signet, as well as a moving year charm. Varsity Club tassels are the perfect keepsake to remember this proud occasion. You can choose to get one for just yourself or you can also order souvenirs for Mom and Dad as well. Varsity Club’s packages allow you to share your achievement as a family.

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